Meeting 2023-2

Date: 24 November 2023
Participants: ca. 60 participants constantly in Zoom meeting
Student award winner: Evgeny Shnyr


  • Diya Mukherjee: Learning, experience and experiment of ancient copper smelting technology with the reference to Harappan culture
  • Farhanath K: Iron technology and its role in shaping socio-cultural dynamics in ancient India during the 1st milllenium BC: A multifaceted perspective
  • Ivan Stepanov, Michael Brauns, Hannes Knapp, Anna Langgartner & Michael Geschwinde: Provenance and manufacturing technology of iron catapult bolts as a reflection of the Roman iron supply chains at the Germanic limes
  • Fabio Spagiari: On the tracks of the blacksmiths: Metallurgy tools of the Roman age from northern Italy
  • Sulaiman Ahmed Abiodun: Iron metallurgy in Medieval and Post-Medieval Ile Ife, Nigeria: Recent excavation at Iyekere
  • Simon Aumônier & Vanessa Cheel: Mounted archaeometallurgical samples: Resin ageing effects and remounting for durability
  • Linn Nordvall: Plano-convex copper ingots in Scandinavia: A methodological approach
  • David A. Scott: Technical examination of a Lydian kline (bed): A unique example of Lydian sophisticated metallurgy
  • Sabine Plummer & Victoria Sainsbury: Material analysis of metal inlays in ball-headed clubs from the Ashmolean Tradescant Collection
  • Evgeny Shnyr: Data science in the service of archaeology: Pinpointing the geographical source of ancient lead-containing metals using machine learning
  • Thomas Rose, Sabine Klein, Katrin J. Westner & Yiu-Kang Hsu: News from the GlobaLID engine room
  • Peter Bray & Philippa Walton: A new copper alloy chemical analysis project for the UK 1st Millennium AD, employing Microwave Plasma-Atomic Emission Spectrometry (MP-AES): REMADE, University of Reading
  • Malou Blank & Serena Sabatini: Copper in the Early Neolithic, a TRB flat axe from inland Western Sweden
  • Mathias Mehofer & Mario Gavranovic: Archaeometallurgical studies on the Bronze Age metal procurement on the western and central Balkan
  • Stephanie Aulsebrook: The complex lives of ‘meaningless scraps’: Reuse and upcycling at Late Bronze Age Mycenae

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Meeting 2023-1

Date: 22 April 2023
Participants: ca. 35 participants constantly in Zoom meeting
Student award winner: Raluca Lazarescu


  • N. Kucukarslan, T. Ota, C. Potiszil, K. Kobayashi, E. Nakamura, S. Omura: Searching for clues about the early iron history in Central Anatolia
  • M. Charlton, X. (Janice) Li, A. Bevan: Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s iron
  • X. Michel-Tanaka: The evolution of furnace wall making in japanese traditional iron smelting
  • E. Vodyasov, O. Zaitceva, M. Vavulin: Nomadic iron production in the Altai Mountains in the 1st millennium AD: Advanced technology of box-shape furnaces
  • M. Charlton: New approaches to old methods: archaeometallurgical analysis at the UCL Institute of Archaeology
  • B. Cornelis, A. Wittke, D. Berger: Disentangling the Sögel-Wohlde blade tradition of the Nordic Bronze Age through a multi-proxy approach
  • M. Odler: News on the research of early ancient Egyptian and Nubian copper metallurgy
  • I. Calgaro, M. Radivojevic, M. Altaweel, A. S. Yermolayeva: Metal production at 2nd millennium BC Taldysai (Central Kazakhstan): An update of research
  • A. Rodzinka: Complex metallurgy of the Bronze Age-Iron Age transition in Iran: Archaeomaterials and forensic investigations
  • I. Stepanov, M. Brauns, U. Avner, N. Lockhoff, A. Eliyahu-Behar: Investigation of provenance of Nabataean iron tools from the Southern Levant via a combined approach of osmium isotopy and trace element analyses
  • R. Lazarescu, C. Fenwick, Y. Bokbot, M. Charlton, D. Mattingly, M. Sterry: Copper production in the medieval Moroccan Sahara
  • J. English, J. Prus: What were they thinking of? Metalworkers’ thought before modern chemistry
  • A. B. Daoust: An introduction to the Roman blacksmith Project: Identity, labour division, and status in funerary imagery
  • R. J. H. Wanhill, O. Oudbashi: Fractography and metallography of some heritage metals
  • O. Oudbashi, F. Carò: Chemical-microstructural characterization of metalworking technology during the Early Islamic Period of Iran (7th to 14th centuries CE)
  • S. Greiff: The 19th c. blast furnace of the Gräfenbach iron works in Germany